Midwest Food


We will be feeding the kids dinner Friday night and then breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. They will need money for Saturday night dinner.

****Also don’t forget that your child needs a refillable water bottle.

****Please donate food items by Wednesday or give the money equivalent of the item so we can pick it up.*****

Eggs_Riley Hearing


2-1 lb. regular bacon_ Cormac Frank-Collins

2-1lb. turkey bacon_ Jaleel Ismail

Cream cheese

Large plain_Bruno Pickman

Large flavored__Jake Rudie


Orange no pulp 1gallon_ Tesia Kephart

Orange no pulp 1gallon -Jacob Keaveney


2 large bunches-_Jade Deems

2 large bunches_-Alicin Teer

2 large bunches-Cami Felix


1 bag(washed and bagged in individual servings)_Malachi Vaughn

1 bag(washed and bagged in individual servings)_Alexis Dalrymple


1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Elijah Ditchendorf

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Grace Crosby

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Jon Mahaffey

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Ariel Metcalf

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Sophia Staudt

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Emma Stubbe

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Madison Whittle

1 large container (4 sliced berries per baggie)_Avery Wisenbarger


2 -24 slice pack american or cheddar__ Hunter Danford

2 -24 slice pack american or cheddar_ Dava Clark

2 -24 slice pack american or cheddar_Austin Matteson

2 -24 slice pack american or cheddar_Aryn Robinson


1pound -Mariah Bloomingdale

1 pound -Hayden Carman

Ham –

1pound -Austin Borman

1pound –Aaron Kennon


1 bag_ Josh Collins

Peppers (any color)

3 peppers_ Miranda Catillo

3 peppers_Katie Kitchen

3 peppers_Marisa Smith

Sour cream

1 large container_Graham Sedera


2 regular size (14or15 oz.) cans of black beans_Carrington VanDyk

2 regular size (14or15 oz.) cans of black beans_Patrick Elliott

2 regular size (14or15 oz.) cans of black beans_Maddie Hawkins

Spaghetti sauce

2- jars 24 oz PLAIN no cheese or meat-Leah Martin

2- jars 24 oz PLAIN no cheese or meat-Jacob Mahaffey

2- jars 24 oz PLAIN no cheese or meat-Alex Perruci

2- jars 24 oz PLAIN no cheese or meat -Tyler Beckett

2- jars 24 oz PLAIN no cheese or meat -Emma Boooth

Ground Beef

Wes Ryder

Wyandotte Food

Instead of sending food to the boathouse, this week we are asking that each rower bring in $5. This will simplify the process and we will buy in bulk at Sams Club to get the best prices. Please have money by Wednesday in an envelope with your rower's name on it. Girls give their money to Maddie Hawkins, boys give their money to Patrick Elliott. 



Midwest and SRAA Volunteers Needed.

We did a great job at Dillon two weeks ago … many of the guest teams and coaches commented on how well the regatta was run (even with the delay due to debris on the race course), and the State Park complimented how clean we left the park. As one of the three LOC teams (Local Organizing Committee) it’s our job to not only run the regattas, but to set-up and tear down the race course and docks, as well as clean up afterwards. For a smaller school and team, this is a great financial opportunity to be a part of this organization, and directly benefits our team with monies we wouldn’t otherwise have.

This year, however, is particularly challenging, as we have been obligated to volunteer on behalf of the Tiger Navy in helping to run the SRAA National Championships, which is an addition to the Midwest Scholastic Championships that we’ve hosted the last few years. It should go without saying that we will never ask you to volunteer during your athlete’s race time … but now is the time to sign up and commit to several shifts over the course of the weekends. There are ample opportunities and a wide range of tasks – we all have something to contribute, and if we all do some of the work, no one person has to do it all

Please know that crew demands and receives an extraordinary time commitment by the parents of the rowers and coxswains. The average crew parent will volunteer 20-30 hours on behalf of the program during the year at regattas and on committees. Tiger Navy Crew committee chairs and HRC executive officers spend hundreds of hours each season on behalf of the program. Our volunteer requirements pale in comparison to the number of hours our kids and coaches spend together.


Food for Oak Ridge

Attached is the food list for the Oak Ridge regatta. Scroll all the way through to find what your child should bring. All items to the boathouse no later than Tuesday April, 26. Perishable items may be put in the refrigerator. Your child must have a refillable water bottle for drinks at the regatta. If you have any questions about your food item call or text Julie VanDyk at (740)706-4911


Regatta Pictures

This link will take you to Scott Kitchen's Flickr Album. Once the link opens up click on the arrow that says back to albums list and you will see all of his pictures from Lindamood. Scott will continue to shoot and post on Flickr this season.

Crew races 2 teams Apr 2, 2016

US Rowing Issues

If you have been unsuccessful signing the USRowing waiver on line, the solution is for each of you to call them directly to reset your password. The phone numbers are: 1-800-314-4769, and 1-609-924-1578

Lindamood Reminders

Don't forget to bring your blanket to keep warm, or lay on in the boathouse. Also bring refillable water bottles, and money if you would like to purchase food from the food truck vendors. The Chuckwagon will be serving soups, PB&J sandwiches, fruit, and granola bars.

If you are planning on going to the after party at Over the Moon Pizza please RSVP with Tricia Hawkins at the registration table, the restaurant needs an aproximate number to know how many to prepare for. 

Lindamood Volunteers

We have had a few changes to the racing schedule for Saturday. Races will start at 9:00AM, instead of 8:00AM. This has changed the times volunteers need to report. As it stands right now the last race is scheduled for 1:30PM. Please look at the attached schedule and contact Stacy Elliott if you have any questions at mikestacyelliott@att.net.


Chuckwagon Donations

We will not be having a full chuckwagon video this week since we are having food vendors coming pto the regatta. We are going to do soups, and PB&J. If anyone would like to provide any of these food items, contact Julie VanDyk at 740-706-4911. Thanks for all your help.

Rower Fees

Remember that the deadline for Spring Rower Fees is March 25th. Fees are $550 per rower. You can pay the fees with a check made out to Harmar Rowing Club. Put the check in an envelope and place it in the boathouse lockbox. If you would like to pay by credit card, use the link at the top left of the page. You will have to register in the system if you use this option, and there will be an initial payment of $100, and then you will pay the remaining amount. 


Rowers have earned credit toward their fees through various fundraisers, if you have any questions about the amount of credit earned, or if you need to make a special pay arrangement, contact Ethan Frank-Collins either by email at ethan@frank-collinsgroup.com, or by phone or text at (740)629-8003.

2016 Spring Schedule

March 26- Triangular (Marietta, Ohio)

April 9- Lindamood Regatta (Marietta, Ohio)

April 16- Dillon Scholastic Sprints (Nashport, Ohio)

April 29-30 Oak Ridge Scholastic/Club Regatta (Oak Ridge, TN)

May 6-7 Wi-Hi Regatta (Detroit, Michigan)

May 13-15 Midwest Scholastic Championships(Nashport, OH)

May 27-28 SRAA National Championships(Nashport, OH)



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